Monday, November 17, 2008

You'll get coal and like it.

Santa Claus. Santa Claws. At least that's how Zeke is spelling his name this year. It's a no-go for the big man in red, I'm afraid. Here's the deal: we caught our first glimpse of him at the King of Prussia Mall this weekend and it's wasn't good. Apparently, ho-ho-ho is a big no-no-no until, and I quote, "I get older" (they're Zeke's words, not mine). So, we decided to just make a list and email it (oh, puleeze, snail mail is just too, well, slllloooooowwww...) to Santa instead of doing a face-to-face this year. We may even text it to him just to be sure he gets it the minute we're through the editing phase. Problem is....FINISHING THE LIST. Everyday, a dozen new things are added. I simply can't type as fast as Zeke can talk. Oh, and on the topic of talking...he has informed me that Santa will need to bring him his own cell phone so he can call Rocco and Caleb because "he needs to stay in touch". Wow. What's it gonna' be next year when he's 4??? An SUV so he can pick up his posse for a playdate??? Bluetooth so he can chat hands free while playing with his train set??? Who knows where it'll go from here, but I can't imagine it'll get easier (or less expensive...). Hold onto your wallet Pauly. You're in for a wild ride...

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