Friday, November 14, 2008

And you thought Snickers were nutty...

Hey Val (Stinky John Jones): ok, so you're all doggity-dog-dogged over there, right? And chi-chi is the name of your game, too? I'm likin' it, I'm likin' it. What I'm cracking up over even more is the super secret mission that's about to take place in your neck of the woods. For anyone who's not in the know, let me fill you in. Val is going to pull the wool over Mr. Stinky John Jones's eyes. It's gonna' be a good one. I have to say, I've done it before, twice, with about a 50% success rate. You see, Val is about to add a pet to the Stinky John Jones household WITHOUT telling Mr. John Jones. AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHHHAAAAHHAHAHAHA! My experience with this tactic is varied. I brought home Timmy, our 2nd chi-chi, with no pre-warning whatsoever. Pauly was stunned. But Timmy was such a little pile of lovin' that Pauly couldn't play tough guy. He was smitten as a kitten. Second time around was about 3 months ago when the parakeets made their debut. Didn't go as smoothly since cute and cuddly don't describe Buddy and Viper. Here's the thing tho: Pauly doesn't have it in him to kick a living thing out of our house. And that, my friends, is why he's Mr. Three's Company!!! The parakeets stayed and Pauly got extra big dinners for a month. So, Val, here's the deal...Mr. John Jones must have the animal-lovin' gene in him or I don't think you'd be his wifey-poo. GO FOR IT. Get your 2nd chi-chi and give lil' Chili a buddy. As a matter of fact, here's the perfect pooch for you (compliments of

Romeo (part chi-chi/part affenpincher and 4 huge pounds of lovin'..) is currently up for adoption and actually said he'd love to meet an overweight, cream-colored, pink-sweatband-wearing chi-chi this weekend!!! Log on to Petfinder ASAP and make Romeo's dreams come true!!!! He sure is a looker...


Val said...

I've been looking all day! Haven't decided on anything particular yet....and I did see that delicious little cutie in your pic.

Here is my dilemma....I love chi's. I do, I do, I do. But my main concern is the fact that Mr. Jones works very late and is often away. That leaves me home with the kiddies thinking all kinds of crazy break-in thoughts.

So I may be pursuing a larger dog.

Case in point....I thought one night someone was breaking into our shed. Could have been the wind, but I freaked out anyway. So I got out of bed, picked up Chili and tossed him in that direction (gently!). He quickly turned around and ran under my bed and hid!

Val said...

So far it's a no go. I made the mistake of mentioning it to Mr. Jones one night when he was all happy and I thought I could get anything I wanted. NOPE. He said absolutely not...that he would be pricing home alarms just to make sure my point was mute.

On a good night, my MIL got a puppy!!! This has helped!

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