Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'll take the white meat.

It's time people. Time to stretch my arms and legs, limber up, do some push-ups, and get on my shopping shoes. It's just about BLACK FRIDAY. And as you may have guessed...I'm allllll about doing the Black Friday shopping trip. The pre-shopping festivities start tomorrow with the arrival of the newspaper (Pauly, don't you DARE bring that newspaper to work with you...), only to be followed by the sprawling out on the floor and researching each and every ad to map out my plan of attack. This year's B.F. shopping will be a bit different - I'm not flying solo like I usually do. Instead, a bunch of playgroup mommies are going to meet up and join forces to scour the sales together. I've never B.F. shopped with others before because I like the freedom of flying here then there then back again whenever the mood hits me. But, I have to say, there's safety in numbers and on B.F., it's definitely "professionals only"...and that can sometimes get nasty. I have a feeling that if things get dicey out there in Toys 'R Us or Circuit City, Shannon McMayhem will start throwing elbows that nobody will see coming. Jenn? Well, I think she can handle herself in a line full of insanity given her day-to-day schedule. Sarah? Oh yeah. She's got what it takes to do the B.F. rounds. If anyone besides myself is a professional shopper, it's Sarah. She can find a box of safety pins in a Super Walmart in 6 seconds flat. Ask her, time her, she'll do it.

So, I'm ready. I've got my mommy posse lined up and I'll have my newspaper in hand tomorrow. All I'll need is a few good hours of sleep on Thursday night and by Friday I'll have my sneakers on, my baseball cap hiding a really bad looking head of hair (hello! wake up call is 4:00 am!), and my hot tea in hand ready to shop 'til I drop. If you're thinking of venturing out on Friday but have never been, here's my advice to you: don't do it. We're the professionals. Leave it to us. It's our day to shine. Stay home and do your laundry, catch up on a good book, or just hang out and clear out your old emails. It'll be a jungle out there...and we won't have time for a good breakfast - you amateurs make a nice snack while we wait in line.


Val said...

Good luck! I will be safely tucked in behind my computer still in my jammies!

Patty said...

Hmm. I'm not a black Friday shopper at all (AND DEFINITELY NOT AT 6 AM), but this sounds a little bit like a challenge Nancy K!!!

DembroskyFamily said...

Your to funny! I am not a black friday shopper but I love to hear the stories.

Lesley said...

Have fun shopping! Will be thinking about all of you out there! I love Black Friday shopping, don't forget to blog some stories!

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