Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday.

This is John Surface, a.k.a. Zeke, playing his guitar. John plays his guitar a lot these days. Like, all the time. At least 20 to 30 minutes out of every hour that we're at home. I'm just sayin'....that's a lot of guitar playing for little John Surface when he hasn't even had one lesson (and you can DEFINITELY tell he hasn't had a lesson..). Did you know the ears bleed when too much noise is piped into them on a regular basis? I've lost 22 pints of blood since this guitar obsession hit.

Peace, love, and guitar, peeps.

P.S.: I know, doesn't John Surface actually look more like the Naked Cowboy???

P.S.S. (or P.P.S.?): If you're not in the loop with the John Surface sitch go back a few days and read my bloggity blog. And for future reference, stay in my loop, 'kay???


Jenn said...

Does uncle Johnny play?? LOL Is that who he named himself after? The groupies need to know keep us informed!

Stinky John Jones said...

He is so cute with his little guitar! We need to get him together with Stink. Last night he was playing the drums on Rock Band. And I too understand the ear bleeding thing. Not only was Stinky playing the drums (badly) Chachi was SINGING! UGH!
We need lessons around here!

Lesley said...

What a priceless picture....A good one to show when he brings home a girl!

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