Saturday, October 4, 2008 his own mind, that is.

Something strange has happened in our household. Zeke has become obsessed with playing the guitar (he has a miniature version of the real thing), and he won't put it down anytime we're at home. It's cute and cool and all that, but I have to admit, at times I find it somewhat annoying. Now, as a mom, I guess I should be all gaga over my baby's new found interest and all that junk. But, well, I just don't FEEL LIKE stopping every 10 minutes to listen to some newly created song called "The Lovely House" or "Avalon Shores". Yeah, the songs have pretty decent names, kinda' deep if you ask me, but the singing/guitar playing sometimes borders on making my ears bleed. Here's the wacky weirdo part of this whole thing tho...ever since this guitar thingy started, Zeke has proclaimed himself "John Surface". When I ask who in the heckio John Surface is, he just "air guitars" and yells "ROCK STAR"! Holy Crap. My 3 year old is living a double life as a toddler glam rocker. In his mind, that is. Isn't this why child psychiatrists were invented? And don't they like really, really medicate kids that exhibit these types of behaviors? Wow. Never thought it'd happen to me or mine. Here's my plan of action: it's simple. Don't ever, ever, under any circumstances, tell Dr. Joe (Zeke's pediatrician). If Zeke mentions John Surface at his next checkup, you can bet the house and cars that I'll tell Dr. Joe all about John long, lost uncle from Nebraska who used to play bass in an 80's hair band.

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DembroskyFamily said...

Too Funny! Well it is in the jeans and Kaitlyn will be his first groupy.

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