Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The only problem is it doesn't offer a 401K plan.

I just dropped Zeke off at school. His nose was a bit stuffy today and I really, really wanted to keep him home and just snuggle him up in my bed all day. It took a ton of self-control to stick to the day's schedule. I know for sure that it's his seasonal allergies kicking up, but still, I hate it when he sounds all congested. My poor little man. I just wanted to squeeze him and wrap him all up in his tee-tee cover (Zeke's version of a woobie) and keep him cozy all day. Of course, it wouldn't happen even if I did keep him home from school. He'd chill out for about 10 minutes, then he'd be up and ready to go outside to play. He's not the type to lay around for any extended period of time. Even when he had pneumonia last year, we were outside, bundled up in 10,354 layers of clothes, swinging on our swingset. Insane. I guess it's better than having a little couch potato. I realized something today tho when I was getting him all duded up for school. He's still just a little guy. He has little feet, little hands, little ears, ...everything is just miniature on him. It's so darn cute. As old and experienced as he acts at times, he's still just a little, tiny person making his way in this world. I love to just hold his hand and feel it's tininess at times. It's so vulnerable. And I know that it's not going to be that way for very long. These are the days I'm so thankful that I get to hold his hand...every single day as he grows up. He reaches for ME when he cries or when he wants to show me something he just drew. It's the greatest feeling in the world when I stop to think about it. I'm his center right now and I must, must, must remember that no matter how many times I miss being in a career, that this specific career...the career of creating a far superior to any job I've ever done in the past. Even if I go back to work and exceed all of my expectations for myself, I think Zeke will be the highlight of my resume. After all, he's the only "job" I've ever done that has ever said "I love you" back to me. Now that's a pretty big paycheck.

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Shannon said...

i love this post. it really spoke to me today.... thank you!

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