Friday, October 17, 2008

Start decorating the nursery.

Something strange is in the air. The King (Otto, our chihuahua) is trying to hatch a bone. You did read that right. He's trying to hatch a bone. And he's a HE. He's been perched like a hen in our walk-in closet for 4 days now, on Pauly's 10-year-old fuzzy bathrobe, with a bone underneath of him. When anyone approaches him, he growls and shows his teeth. I think The King thinks a puppy will be born of that bone any day now. He thinks there's an embryo in that Milkbone. It's insane. He won't eat, he barely gets off the bone to take a drink. He's obsessed with the Milkbone embryo. I really think I'm going to talk to Dr. Jane (our awesomely super vet) to see if I should rob his nest while he's up getting a drink. Funny how I'M getting obsessed over the Milkbone embryo too, isn't it??? It's kinda' all I've been thinking about for the past few days. I run home to see if The King is still hatching. I take a break from whatever I'm doing to see if the hatchery is still running. At commercial time, I check in on the Milkbone embryo. What is it that's so compelling in there on that bathrobe???? Does The King know something we don't??? I guess only time will tell. I'll let you know if anything pops it's head out of the bone..other than the mold that's starting to form.

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Stinky John Jones said...


Seems a little nutty...but he must have his reasons.

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