Friday, October 31, 2008

Light on the starch, Martha.

You all wondering out there how Martha, Martha, Martha was? Well, the experience was cool. Going up to NYC with 9 of my mommy blogger friends was fun, funny, and then funnier (the funnier came in when one of the mommies had to have her breast pump checked by the metal detector lady - AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA, the joys of nursing...)...but seeing Martha Stewart in all of her sourness? I say WHATEVS. Let me start with the positive: she's much thinner than she looks on tv. And that's where the positivity ends. Martha isn't friendly or nice or chatty or warm. At all. She's exactly what you'd imagine her to be: very Martha-y. As stiff and starchy as her 360-thread-count cotton percale bedsheets, as a matter of fact. And to that I say, see ya' Martha, I'm off to see Ellen next time I do the rounds. At least Ellen will come out into the audience and shake a tailfeather or two with us.

P.S.: I'd like to give a big 'ol high five to Sarah for setting up this super fun trip. Sarah's a crazy one - you can see it in her eyes - and without that crazy spark, we'd never get into half of the nutto stuff we do. Sarah, you rock! Where are we going next??????


Kelly said...

My vote is for The View. Ellen would be like the mecca of all trips!

Jenn said...

I say we do what ever. Just having an adventure with you all was the best part of the Martha thing!

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