Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jack-O-Lanterns everywhere. Ya' know, the "people kind".

Yesterday was our annual trek to the Pumpkin Festival in Jim Thorpe, PA. We go to Mom Mom Cookie & Pop's house and make our way down the road to the most awesome pumpkin festival on the mountain. It's super duper fall pumpkiny fun and well, to be honest, seeing all those mountain mommas and papas makes us giggle all day. Cookie and I noticed quite a few "hotties" throughout the day that boosted our ego...quite a bit. Suffice it to say that dental plans are NOT part of the their benefits packages. I'll leave it at that.

So, we counted and realized that this was Zeke's 4th official Pumpkin Festival - even though he's only 3 1/2. He's a pro by now. He knows the soon as we enter, he immediately perches upon the heaps of pumpkins for the photo op, then we head to the food booths so that Pauly can check out the goods. I'm always too anxious to get to the rides and Ghost Town to eat, so I'm in charge of rushing the meal as much as possible. As soon as the 5 minute meal is gobbled, we head for the fairway where all of the rides and games are located. This year had a really neato addition - there was a pen of baby deer that the kiddos could enter to feed and pet. Wanna' know what bummed me out MOST??? No adults allowed. Ummm, WHY? I soooo wanted to give those little sweeties a hug. Zeke and I see them every day in our yard and this was the perfect opportunity to finally touch their amazing fur and see their cutie pie eyes up close. But no. Nope. I was shot down. I even pulled out the big guns saying to the gatekeeper that I was afraid Zeke may "manhandle" the deer. Nope. No entre for me. She told me she'd keep an eye on him for me. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. LET ME IN, HORRIBLE HITLER MOUNTAIN LADY!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Zeke loved it, I kept poking my hand through the fence and manged to stroke a few deer heads with 2 fingers every now and then, but all in all it was a pretty sweet addition to the Pumpkin Festival.

Uncle Johnny and Aunt Melany joined us at the festival which completely MADE Zeke's day (since he totally thinks Uncle Johnny is a rowck starrrrr...) and I managed to get a great picture of Johnny and Zeke. Funny how the two of them really look alike, I think.

We finished off the day with a trip to a cool restaurant with an awesome view from the highest point on the mountain. It was gorgeous. Amazingly enough, Zeke fell asleep on the way home...which never...I repeat...NEVER happens. I guess that means it was a good day, huh?

Next year: our 5th official trip to the Pumpkin Festival..

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Stinky John Jones said...

Looks like lots of fun.

We did the pumpkin patch thing here yesterday too. Only it consisted of the kids whinning and me having to use tissue after tissue.
Fun, huh!

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