Friday, January 30, 2009

Monster urge to giggle.

This morning was pretty funny around here. First of all, let me fill you in on the excitement. It's Pajama Day at school today. PJ Day is huge in Zeke's world. He gets to wear his pj's and slippers to school and bring his favorite stuffed friend. So, we've had his pj's picked out for weeks but not the stuffed friend. That came down to the wire with Mick the Monkey winning out. Mick always seems to win that type of contest. I tend to route for the smaller, less expensive stuffed friends (see my post called "Mick the Jip" and you'll understand why...), but Mick is always the lucky one. So, we got Zeke all washed up and dressed in his comfy pj's and told Mick to be on his best behavior. While Zeke was in his room looking for Mick, he wanted me in there with him since he feared there was a monster in the closet. This isn't unusual and honestly, it's getting old to me. Since our birdcage is nearby in the hallway, I wanted to just take a few steps out of Zeke's room, open the birdcage, and grab their water and food bowls to clean and refill them. Well, when Zeke saw that I had moved from his doorway, he FREAKED. He stormed out into the hall, put his hands on his hips and said to me "how dare you! Get back in my room and don't move a bone!" Ummmm, I think he meant to say "don't move a muscle", since I use that term many times when I'm trying to get him to sit still and I'm at my wit's end. I obeyed his serious command, but the urge to roll on his floor in laughter was overwhelming...

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