Saturday, January 24, 2009


Some things I don't like at the moment:

1. freezing all the time
2. the fact that Girl Scout cookies are everywhere I look. It's really difficult to stay focused on my diet when super-yum cookies are talking to me telling me to eat them.
3. my nails. they're so yucky looking and dry and brittle.
4. not being allowed to wear contact lenses. i loathe glasses, usually won't wear them, and walk around half blind, squinting to see everything - thus creating crow's feet which will need to be addressed in about 1 to 2 years.
5. my digital camera. it's horrible. i had one and lost it. then i bought a good one, not great, but it was 2,352 times better than the one i'm using. but i lost it. i borrowed my mom's until i found it, then i lost hers. i bought my mom a new one, had none, then found the FIRST one i lost. but it's a dinosaur and just really corny. so i'm stuck using the corndog until pauly signs the purchase order for the new one..
6. we haven't seen neighbor horse in like 2 weeks because it's so darn cold. now that's not good.
7. winter just brings me DOWN.

That's it. Nothing else for now.

1 comment:

Val said...

Winter is totally a downer :(
We are prisoners of our home and I am really really cranky. The kids are driving me crazy, more so than usual, since they can't go outside and play. And my skin is so dry I swear it's gonna fall right off, which would not be pretty.

Spring? Spring? Are you there? It's me, Val. And I need you to rescue me!

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