Monday, January 12, 2009


I've come to realize that January is probably the worst of all 12 months. One starts to realize that he or she is just plain fat and it's time to start Extreme Dieting if a bathing suit is in the future, the weather just plain sucks, and well, everyone and their brother has a cold. January in the Northeast is no fun. I played some mind tricks with myself today to try to make this January Monday seem less yucky and they really worked. And actually, they weren't even tricky. They were facts that just plain made me happy. I'll share them with you:

1. I went to a birthday party yesterday for one of Zeke's little friends and the only gifts the little girl was accepting were donations to a favorite charity. cool is that??? And how great is the mom of that toddler for having made such a positive influence on her and instilled a sense of charity so deeply into her little, tiny being??? Kinda' makes you remember that there really are still good people in the world, huh?

2. One of my friends in our playgroup is recovering from her 2nd surgery in about 2 months. She's down for the count with stitches, staples and pain, and our playgroup has once again risen to the occasion to bring her dinner for about 3 weeks. This evening was my turn and it was just a nice feeling to be a part of something so heartfelt. It's a good thing when women can actually back each other up and help one another. It's just a really, really good thing. Again, it makes me remember that there are still good people in the world who I'm trying to model myself after.

3. One last one for you before I sign off and get some zzzzzz's. I giggle at the fact that I can still tell Zeke that certain "bad" words he says are "grown up words" or "curse words" and he CANNOT say them. Now let me fill you in...the words in question are words like "stupid" or "dummy" - but still, they sound horrible coming from a 3-year-old. So for now, in Zeke's world and mine, "stupid" and "dummy" are curse words. And he believes me. AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

G'night peeps.


Lora said...

I hate January too. But I hate Feb even more. then March is worse than that. Oh, then April. I loathe April. Then May!!! I love May!!!

If I figure out any ways to make it less yucky I'll let you know. thanks for your tips!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

I feel ya. Can't they transplant the San Diego weather over to the North East?? I'm so jealous of the Wii... I couldn't convince Evan that we should get it. Do you have Wii Fit?
By the way I LOVE that pic of Z man giving Mommy a kiss. Precious.

Val said...

Ah, the "curse" words. can backfire.

Apparently Chachi continues to tell her Teacher that other classmates are "cursing". Which, in turn, a few too many children are feeling the wrath!

Another good one.....when my kids stick their tongue out at me in defiance, I remind them that any tongue that's not in a mouth is open for infection and will fall off.

Now, when they find themselves "forgetting" this rule, I see them quickly slap their hands over their mouth in protection!

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