Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frosty frolics.

Today was a real snow day. The kind of day I used to go to bed at night praying for. Like, literally, holding a rosary, saying millions of Hail Marys, promising I'd never punch Chris (baby bro) again - ever, type of praying. Snow days were always so downright awesome. We'd go outside with a million kids, play until our snot froze to our top lip or our mittens froze to our fingernails (whichever came first), then went into one person's house for hot cocoa and tons of marshmallows. It seemed like the day lasted for like two weeks. But today wasn't like that. I mean, Zeke was excited, but not flipping out excited the way we used to get. I guess nowadays a snow day is a bit easier to come by? Who knows. All I know is that I tried to make it cool - did the whole snowball fight, snowman attempt...heck, I even shoveled a bit of our walkway. I drew the line though when I found Zeke jumping up and down in 4 inches of mud and slush in the driveway. Snow day fun was officially over. I always liked the hot cocoa part best anyway. Can't blame a girl for lovin' her chocolate...

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

You are one good mama. I was sooo glad that we had too many appointments today to hang in the snow. First of all, it was raining on and off. Secondly, I just plain hate the cold. That hot chocolate sure does sound good though:)

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