Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - The Year of The King

Today is the first day of 2009. That seems unbelievable. I guess I say that every year, but I think when you have a child, the time really does fly by even faster. Note to self: slow down a bit and enjoy the scenery. It's going by a bit too quickly. You haven't even downloaded most of last month's pictures yet, Nance...

Ok, so now that the holidays are just about behind us, let me tell you some of the highs and lows. Let's see...I guess we had one of those awesome Christmases where it's all about Santa and how he gets the gifts into the house, how the reindeer fly the sleigh all around, etc, etc. Having a 3-year-old at Christmastime was probably the all time best! I tried to savor every moment of it - taking pictures and videos and even just simply looking out the window with Zeke on Christmas Eve night to try to find Santa's sleigh up in the sky. Something about seeing the wide eyes and feeling the hope in his heart - it made me feel like I was a toddler again and waiting for my big stack of Santa presents. I tell ya' people, if you're on the fence about having kids, it may just be worth it for this one day of the year! It's really the most fun I've had since keg parties in college!!! Who would've known...

New Year's Eve even took on new meaning this year when we invited our Goshen Crew of friends over for the First Annual Toddler-Friendly New Year's Eve Bash. We partied like Paris Hilton on her birthday and rang in the new year at 9:00 p.m. sharp. A few of the toddlers were having trouble staying up for the new year's countdown, but they were troopers and made it through. I think our neighbors were wondering why the house that's usually in bed by 8:30 was so rockin', but hey, it's time we shook up the joint a bit.

As for 2009, I have a few resolutions of my own, but I'm keeping them secret. I believe a resolution is a personal thing, a challenge to oneself to be conquered or quit as one sees fit. I hope to conquer my resolutions if they will make me a better person in the new year. But, if I find as I go along that I'm losing myself in the resolution obsession, I'm out. So, therefore, I won't bore you with the details, they will be locked away in my mind for no one to know but me and perhaps King Otto (my first chi-chi) if he's really good. You see, there's still something very precious about The King, something intangible, that makes him the keeper of all that's sacred. Maybe it's that he's lived before and knows more than most...or maybe it's just that he was the only one in my household who was awake with me last night at the stroke of midnight. And my first kiss at 12:01 a.m. was from The King. Thanks were and always will be a special, special man.

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