Friday, January 23, 2009

Mommy nose best.

Sickness has come over our household. I mean, it's not unusual for me to have the occasional cold, flu-y type stuff, or headache, but the boys in my house are normally super healthy. I actually don't think we had been to Zeke's pediatrician since his 3-year-checkup until this past week. Now we've been there twice in one week. And it hasn't been fun. Fever, runny nose, cough, congestion and basically just a bunch of ewwww going around in here. Being the ridiculous Virgo that I am, I've been walking around with a bottle of Clorox spray...spraying telephones, remotes, toys, counter tops, and pretty much anything that doesn't have a tail to wag. If the chi-chi's stand still too long, they'll get disinfected too. Here's hoping that some amoxicillin, some tylenol, and a bit of mommy lovin' will get my guys over the goop. There's nothing worse than seeing and hearing my boys under the weather. They're way too cute to be all schnottttty....

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