Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm in the middle of cleaning ALL of Zeke's toys out of my living room and officially reclaiming my space. He has "kidded up" way too many rooms in my house for waaaay too long now. So, for the past few days I've been bustin' a move getting all of the "baby toys" packed up and out the door, moving the "big boy toys" down to the basement playroom, and cleaning out all of the unwanteds. Next move: repainting and redecorating the living room! Today my mom and I went to pick out some paint samples and Pauly and I just had our first official argument over what color the living room will be. Why does he even bother??? He KNOWS I'll end up winning this's not even worth discussing. It's absolutely ludicrous. He picked out some regurgitated pea green color that would remind one of a horrible stomach virus they once suffered through. Not going to happen. So, wish me luck. The battle is on. Like Donkey Kong.


Jennifer said...

Fun! I have so much I want to do to the house but there never seems to be the time. Right now my project is making our upstairs office/guest room into a playroom. A temporary fix until we can finish the basement because I too am sick of the toys exploding everywhere!

Val said...

Good luck! We are currently remodeling our playroom.
Well, remodel is a kind word.....we practically tore down the playroom.

And I am being told only 3 more weeks left :(

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