Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy birthday, please pass the tissues.

Last night we had a party to go to for one of Pauly's work colleagues. It was a 40th b-day party/housewarming party. It was one of those things that has been on the calendar for about a month and I've been wondering if we really had to go to it, secretly hoping we didn't. I know that sounds horrible, but I also know you ALL know what I'm talking about. Well, we went, and to my surprise I was happy that we did. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't enjoy myself. I literally knew only one person and that was the birthday boy. I was uncomfortable and feeling out of sorts in addition to still battling a sinus infection. I really just wanted to be home in bed in my comfy, toasty pj's watching a movie. I muddled through and when we finally got in the car to go home I realized that the birthday honoree was truly very happy to have seen us show up for his celebration. And then I thought of something else: this life I'm living is moving quickly. Like flying on by at warp speed. And if I don't go out of my way to do special things for the people who happen to have dropped into my world for one reason or another, then I will have lived my life in a very selfish little bubble. I will have never known the good feeling I get when someone says "thanks for coming to my party" - and the look on their face tells you that they truly mean those words. So, schnotty nose or not, I made it through last night and actually ended up the better for it. Maybe my mom did teach me a thing or two. Just don't tell her I said so...

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