Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something happened along the way.

Strange things come out of Zeke's mouth. I'm always amazed at how inappropriate and how downright untimely they are too. Take for instance:

1. I Craigslisted his toddler bed a few weeks ago. Finally, someone wanted to buy it and they stopped in this past weekend to check it out. I was really hoping they'd take it since it's been sitting in my spare bedroom for what seems like an eternity. Just as they were getting ready to hand over the pesos, Zeke chimes in with "I think you're getting this for really should buy it." Now, I've got to hand it to him, his sales tactics were pretty suave, but I just didn't need a 3-year-old getting in the middle of my sale at that point.

2. Again, I had a Craigslist deal happening with my old living room furniture. The potential buyers were supposed to have been at my house at 4:30 last Friday evening. Well, as it turns out, they didn't show up until 7:20. I was very, very annoyed because much of my Friday night was tied up waiting to get rid of furniture that I was about 8 years WAYYYY over tired of. I just wanted it out of my sight. As the buyers were hauling out the furniture, Zeke proceeded to say "why were you so late? My mommy was very annoyed that you kept us waiting so long." Ummmm...couldn't he have waited until the cash had traded hands???

3. Ok, here's a strange one. Zeke and I were having a catch with a tennis ball. The ball missed his hands and hit the top of his foot. He said to me "ouch, you need to watch out. You hurt my taco bells." I asked him what a taco bell was and he pointed to the tops of his feet. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

4. And finally, to top it all off and to solidify the fact that I'm raising a caveman...he just walked in as I'm typing and asked me if he could pee in the office garbage can. I'm really just treading water here folks...


Lora said...

my son wants to pee in my eyes. for like 6 months now.

i've tried ignoring it, saying no, providing alternatives, everything.

i told him when he grows up he can find someone who will let him do it. for now he has to pee in the potty.

Val said...

Okay, has he been hanging out with Stink? That child enjoys peeing in the most precarious places.

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