Friday, February 6, 2009

Why'd you doodie that to me????

Yesterday Zeke and I went to Mom Mom Mare's and Poppy's for our usual Thursday Romp. We never really know where we're going to end up, but Zeke doesn't care - as long as he gets to hang out with them, he's happy. Well, it ended up that we went outlet shopping in Lancaster (best BARGAIN ever...but that's a whole different post) and in the middle of everything, Zeke ended up with a bellyache. Needless to say, Zekey-poo had to do poopie. Since it was very early in the shopping trip, I told him he had to go into the restroom and well, go poopie. He refused. The ONLY two places for #2 in Zeke's mind are his own house or Mom Mom Mare's house. WHY IS THIS????? The mechanics of the situation are the same, everything goes to the same place, and the end result is the same, isn't it??? But no. Zeke refuses. Refuses so vehemently that yesterday he literally VOMITED IN THE MIDDLE OF A STORE. Yep. So much doodie built up in his system that it came out his throat. So, it's not a lie people. Your mom didn't fib when she told you you'd really, really get sick if you didn't get to a potty when you had to go. Zeke puked in the middle of a store aisle and I honestly believe it's because he was holding in his "stuff". Not good. Not good that I had to run him to a public restroom with his sweatshirt covering half his face so he wouldn't destroy even more of the store's floor, not good that his poor belly was revolting so terribly against him, and not good that when we finally got back to Mom Mom Mare's house he pooped so much that I thought her plumbing would be damaged. Here's a word of advice people: put your public restroom fears aside, carry some disposable potty covers in your purse, and learn to poop on the fly. The human body is a machine. Food goes in and junk needs to come out. Even the pope poops. Live with it. And Zeke, from now on, you're gonna' poop in public restrooms whether you like it or not...if I have to squeeze it out of you.


Lora said...

oh man. truth be told, i'd much rather puke everywhere in public than poop anywhere in public!

Lesley said...

I hope Zeke is feeling better after his public explosion! Truth be told Zeke and I have something in common...No Pooping public restrooms for me either!

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