Monday, February 2, 2009

Clothing optional.

Naked is the new black. Or at least Zeke thinks so. Every time I'm not looking, the kid strips off all of his clothes. We go to the supermarket, fully dressed, come home, I'm carrying in the bags and within 2 minutes he's running around the garage naked. I pick him up from school, we pull up to the house and I see him start to take off his shoes and socks. By the time he's through the door and into the house, he's got his pants unbuttoned. In 30 seconds flat, he's naked. The other day, my brother Chris stopped over, sits down to start talking to me, and in walks Zeke completely naked. All he said was "hi Uncle Chris." Now in the past, I've been infuriated, embarrassed, and downright insulted by the fact that my son will not heed my warnings to keep his clothes on during the day. But lately, as this has become more and more frequent, and, well, let's be honest, as I see his little private parts fluttering about on such a normal basis (say, while I'm emptying the garbage or folding the whites...) I've come to realize that I may just be getting angry because I'm actually...gulp...jealous. Do I want to feel the freedom that Zeke feels when he strips himself of all his clothes at 1:30 on a Tuesday afternoon? Am I secretly just harboring some inner hatred of his carefree attitude about his body? Is it his lack of body consciousness that I want so badly for myself???? WELLLLL, IS IT NANCY???? I think it is. So, I'm calling a truce with Naked Zeke. He can roam Au Naturel for as long as he likes, conditions and company permitting. While he enjoys his freedom, I think I'll try to learn a thing or two from him. I'll start by removing my Spanx when I get in the shower...

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Jennifer said...

I want to know where the coordinating picture is??? Hee, hee just joking. I don't want you to have any unwarranted visits from the FBI:)
He would probably kill me if he found out I'm writing this but boys don't change... my hubby strips down to his undershirt and boxer briefs as soon as he walks in the door from work. I keep wondering what will happen if a neighbor knocks on the door.

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