Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gimme all your nuts or I'll bite your tail off.

So, I'm wondering what the little, gray squirrel to the left thought when he meandered on up to the big pile of birdseed on my deck yesterday afternoon. He's been feasting on our birdseed for weeks now, just hogging it all up and scaring away many of the tiny finches that flutter around it trying to catch a quick bite. But today? Today was different. Someone new (look on the table to the far right) has moved into our hood. And little, gray squirrel doesn't look so confident anymore, does he? And, after reading this I can see why. Apparently Mr. Black Squirrel is a butt-kicker who's a bit out of his element living here in PA. Out of his element or not, it seems to me that he's made himself right at home and he's ready to rumble with Mr. Gray if he doesn't tone down the 'tude a bit. I'm just wondering how far into their feathery pockets the finches had to reach to get Mr. Black to rock Mr. Gray's world..

1 comment:

Stinky John Jones said...

The squirrels are crazy lately.

I saw a pair today chasing each other all over the place over a nut.
I wanted to scream, just split it and be done. After all the running you are just gonna throw it up anyway!

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