Sunday, August 23, 2009

And you know you don't want to be on that second list.

Some funny things at the moment:

1. my parakeets have been loose and on the run (around the upstairs of my house) for 48 hours. They go back to their cage at night but as soon as the sun rises, they're in flight mode. And yes, I've been finding myself vacuuming and wiping up bird doodie. I feel it's a small price to pay for the jungle-like atmosphere they're providing. I love those little birdies.

2. I found one of the little parakeets perched on Timmy's (my sweet chihuahua) tail earlier today while Timmy was asleep in his doggie bed.

3. Zeke and the Under Armour sitch. He thinks he's the bee's knees in his Under Armour. It's pretty hilarious/ridiculous. Must post picture soon.

4. I had a random snapshot of Zeke sitting on my dresser the other day. I had put it aside to slip into a scrapbook. I found it today, on the floor of the hallway, with the name "Zeke" scrawled across the back in a 4-year-old's handwriting. I asked Zeke if he wrote his name on the back and why, and he said it was so that I'd always remember who it was in the picture. Like I'd ever forget.

5. An older woman in front of me at Rite Aid was picking up about 9 prescriptions today along with asking the pharmacist to "sort out her pill bottle". Ummmmm, the pill bottle contained about 4,936 pills in every color of the rainbow. What the????? She then proceeded to tell the pharmacist that her head hasn't been the same since she "ran her car into that tree..." OMG. Buckle up for safety, people.

And of course, a few things that are currently on my nerves:

1. my rental car. I want my own car back.

2. my hair. I need Dawn to work her magic.

3. the fact that it's about that time when all of my dentist/doctor appointments come due. DOOOOOOOOOOOOD, that's total B.S.

4. I need a pedicure but I'm afraid of dirty nail salons. I don't like someone else peeling skin off of me and the smell of those places sends me into the Migraine Hall of Fame.

5. School starts soon and that means that Zeke will be gone 4 days a week. Ok, it's only 2.5 hours a day, but still....4 days a week is A LOT!!!! 3 days a week was fine last year. Why did he have to get a year older????? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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DembroskyFamily said...

The picture one was too funny. I love the way children's minds work.

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