Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm at a loss right now. An absolute loss. I just heard on the t.v. that Michael Vick has been signed to the Philadelphia Eagles. People, don't even mess with me on this one. Don't argue the point, don't give me opposing points of view...just go with me. I am ADAMANT that this man be banned from being allowed to PLAY any sport let alone be paid tons of money to do so. I can't even begin to tell anyone how deeply I'm hurt with this decision. Doesn't anyone have any respect for the animals on this earth anymore? Surely there must be someone, just one person out there, who understands. Michael Vick doesn't deserve another dime. Nothing. But...he will be getting millions. To play football. Again. After he tortured and killed dogs. Nice. Really gives me lots of faith in the human race...


Angela Herring said...

I couldn't agree more. Personally, when I heard about what he did, he should have been dragged out in a field and shot between the eyes. I have NO remorse for people like that. I've lost even more faith in the Eagles now.

Jenn said...

Gee maybe we should hang him in a tree but then if I said that people might be offended. Well I think we should ban watching all eagels games and if the hubbys don't agree we leave them the kids so they can't watch it in peace!

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