Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Quest(ion)

We thought we had a good idea to take off on Saturday and head for the beach. "Just do a quickie day trip" Pauly and I said to each other. After all, that's one of the perks of living so close to the sea, huh? Sadly, everyone else had the same idea. A car ride that should have taken an hour and 45 minutes was painfully stretched into almost 5 hours because of traffic. To be fair, I must disclose that 2 potty breaks were inserted into that 5 hours, but c'mon...5 HOURS????? Brutal. Honestly, I think I would have rather a re-do of the Sesame Place Massacre that was put upon me last weekend (long story, but let me just say that S.P. is horrific and I'll never go back: dirty, crowded, smelly...need I say more?). I CAN say that once we planted ourselves on the beach, it was nice. But even then, I felt like I was smothered by tons of other sea-worshippers. I'm not sure anymore of what exactly is relaxing. It's a constant quest...something of a mystery now that Pauly is uber-connected to work both physically (via Crackberry & computer) and mentally. Running miles and miles away from home to supposedly "get away from it all" didn't quite work out this weekend. And now that I think about it, why did we run? We should have stopped to smell the flowers right here in our own gorgeous backyard. Note to self: slow down and slow Pauly down. Every weekend doesn't need to be action packed to the hilt. Sometimes just sitting on the deck, hearing the horses and sipping some tea is the best way to escape it all. How 'bout that?

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