Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good TImes.

August is flying on by at warp speed. I know this because my birthday is right around the corner. I say this with gleeeeeeeeeeeeee in my heart knowing that Pauly and Zeke will make my day special in their own funny ways. Pauly, if you're reading this, I'll forward you some links for gift ideas...we all know how brutal your jewelry taste can be. Think red necklace Pauly, red necklace. Anyway, Zeke and I have been enjoying this final spurt of summer to it's fullest and here's what we've been doing (in as few words as possible):

we've seen a travelling petting zoo, cat sat for a few weeks and fell in love with her (the cat), went to see Blue's Clues Live! and met the "real" Steve (I like Joe better), played on the beach and witnessed a beach wedding, explored the Delaware Museum of Natural History with friends, we camped with Mom Mom Mare and Poppy, we went to the library and finally confessed to losing Percy and the Pirates (only cost $8.95, oh well), ate a lot of fresh corn on the cob from Wynoor Farms, hid Otto in 4,951 of Zeke's stuffed animal friends, went to Dutch Wonderland and it was clean, went to Sesame Place and it was dirty, saw the Chik-Fil-A cow and realized most of our table was eating McDonald's food, we had an afternoon pizza date - just the 2 of us, we Chuck E. Cheesed with Brandon, took pony rides, nursed Pauly through an infected spider bite that required antibiotics, played on the Sporty Squiggles Sports Team, celebrated many birthdays (happy b-day Rocco, Tristan, Lukey, and Meadow!), took swim lessons with Corey, fed the geese down the street, pampered the horsies on the corner with apple and peppermint snacks, ate unbelievable pizza at Tacconelli's with the Duffs (had such a good time - love them!), saw a Blue Heron at the pond down the street, bat watched, helped Tommy and Sue move into their beautiful new home (or rather helped them break in the new pool!), and finally, we had a slumber party at the Hampton Inn in Bethlehem with Mom Mom Mare and Poppy.

It's been a full month or two. And I've loved spending it with my favorite kid in the world...

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