Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There are going to be people who read this post and roll their eyes, sigh, and shake their heads. And really, I don't think that's ok. Because what I'm going to write about is life. And the reverence for it. Now, brace yourself, because the "V word" is about to be mentioned yet again. Vick, that is. As in, Michael Vick, the shithead football player that the Crapadelphia Eagles just signed not so long ago. The Vick topic was once again mentioned on Facebook and it started my animal rights wheels turning. The author of the topic stated his opinion that in no way was an animal's life as important as a human being's. The hairs on the back of my neck stood WAY up as I read that. I steadied my emotions, cooled the steam in my head, and tried to reason with myself. How could it be possible that I equate an animal life to a human life? How do they compare? And here's what I came up with: I can't reason it. I can't judge it. If I didn't create either completely amazing entity, then how can I place value on them? Sure, to us as humans, our "baby humans" are worth their weight in gold. But what about a baby cow, horse, or duck? How do we know that the proud parents of those sweeties don't feel the same? Because they lack the verbal skills to communicate it? Because they can't write it down in a letter? What a sad and ignorant people are we if we lack the judgment and heart to realize that the animal kingdom is not our creation. It's simply a gift on loan for us to admire and yes, sometimes love. Only the creator of all of us, including the animals, is in a position to deem one more worthy of life than the other. Until then, we should live together, respecting each other's place on this earth.


Anonymous said...

And eat each other when hungry...but i am speaking of it going both ways just circle of life! I eat a chicken a bear eats me!!

Nancy said...

Ridiculous, uneducated comment. If researched, humans would realize that we don't have digestive systems perfectly capable of carnivorous beings. We were built to be herbivores. And yes, many animals are carnivores. But their digestive systems were designed to handle meat products. Research the vulture and you'll be amazed at just how systematically this bird's body handles meat and it's resulting bacteria. The human body simply can't do it. Oh, and when was the last time you heard of a bear eating a human being?

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