Wednesday, September 9, 2009

45 pounds of liver.

Zeke starts his second year of preschool tomorrow. Well, he doesn't technically "start"...he goes in for an hour while I go to the school meetinghouse and talk parent business. But still. He's out of my sight. Out of my control. Out of my life. For an hour. Might not sound long to you, but to me? It's VERY VERY long. You see, I grew a second liver when I had a baby. Or a third kidney. However you want to put it. All I know is an extra appendage/organ grew. And grew and grew and grew. And now every day it seems to get bigger and heavier and tougher to manage. I have to decide if it's ok for it to go certain places, for certain people to influence it, for it to be exposed to certain television/radio shows. I have to make sure this appendage doesn't get hurt or too tired or too hungry or too thirsty. This appendage is, well...special to me. For some reason, for the past four years and some odd months, my body hasn't been able to function without it. Strange what those little appendages do to you, huh?

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