Thursday, April 9, 2009

No hunting allowed.

Easter egg hunts are terrifying. And I'm not alone in my horror. As we were standing along the perimeter of what looked like a sea full of gems (it was actually a huge lawn full of plastic Easter eggs), my heart was racing. The countdown was about to begin and Zeke was ready to run and gather all the eggs he could in about 10 seconds flat. Now, why, tell me, would I be nervous at an Easter egg hunt??? I kept asking myself that and silently telling myself how ridiculous I was for feeling anxious about what was about to commence. of the moms to my left spoke up. It was like we were at at EEHA Meeting - Easter Egg Hunters Anonymous if you aren't catching my drift. She did it. She spoke of her husband's childhood trauma and lifted the cloud of darkness that I think all of us were secretly carrying for so long. Apparently, when her hubby was a child at an Easter egg hunt he was terrorized. He waited through the countdown, ran out onto that huge egg-covered field, swiftly gathered the coveted eggs in his basket as fast as his tiny hands could grab them, when suddenly the unthinkable happened....his basket tipped and all of his eggs flew out. Someone swooped in, took all of his eggs and he was left with nothing. This woman said that to this very day, her husband HATES Easter egg hunts and funny enough, he was quite obviously absent from the day's events. She said he has nightmares about losing his eggs and repeatedly trying to get them all back into his basket. CAN YOU IMAGINE???? This is what I say: Easter egg hunts are too stressful. It's too much build up for too short of an event. It's far worse than, say, a wedding. At least a wedding lasts a few hours! But to get all psyched up for something that lasts 10 seconds???? I don't see the point. That's just not funny, bunny.


Lora said...

I've never seen an Easter Egg Hunt. Maybe my mom kept me from them because she was somehow traumatized too!

Val said...

That is awesome!

We have never been to a large hunt before, so I can't say exactly how it is.
But, I have seen my two fight over eggs. And it's just the two of them!

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