Saturday, April 4, 2009

And how was your day?

Yesterday was a crazy day. I saw rainbows and 6 foot tall hot dogs in drive thrus. I attempted to do laundry, failed, and decided that baking (burning) a batch of Pauly's favorite brownies would be a better option. I attended a school book fair, shopped in a dollar store for all things Sponge Bob, bought live clams against my better judgment, and decided I was going to really try to let my nails grow longer. I finalized our Disney World trip and researched a trip to Arizona, I paid bills online and Facebooked a bit. I downloaded pictures of Zeke and his friends and spent the next 10 minutes crying as I studied his baby pictures on my computer - boy, how time flies when you have a child. I thought about getting a spray tan but none of my friends would go with me (and for some reason, I just won't go alone) and I made plans with Eileen to dye Easter eggs next Friday. I counted down the minutes until Pauly came home from his business trip and I played Zingo about 3 or 4 times with Zeke. I learned that you can play Zingo with a 3 year old and look fully engaged while simultaneously daydream about what kind of car you want to get next.

Who said life as a stay at home mom was boring?


Lora said...

I am completely amazed by SAHM's. How do you rest? How do you get anything done? I sneak out of my office to try on jeans or bras, get a haircut or a pedicure, browse a bookstore, go to the bank, or jump in a store for a few things in your honor at least twice a day!

Nikicham said...

ok ok ok, stop your crying.. i'll go get sprayed with you.. gosh.. just stop your booohoo'n! dag! um, where would one have something like that done anyway?

Anonymous said...

LOVE how I can take a "nap" while playing Zingo (on the couch no less) with Zach! Its the best! : ) Dawn G. : )

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