Friday, April 10, 2009

Egg Dyeing at it's Finest

Today was one of those days that you're just plain ol' happy you have certain people in your life. I love these types of days. And here's why: I took Zeke up to Doylestown with me to my old college roommate's house so we could dye Easter eggs together. Now, not in a million years, would Eileen and I have EVER thought 20 years ago that we'd be dying Easter eggs together with our sons on a Friday evening...I think we probably would have thought our Friday evenings would have consisted of a bit more adult entertainment. But, alas, Big Ei and I have definitely lost some of the "wow factor" from our weekends now that the big night out is to dye Easter eggs with the kiddos. No biggie, we did really have fun catching up, letting the kids play, and simply just chatting about life in general. One thing I've learned about Big matter how much time passes since the last time I've seen her, I feel like I can mesh right on in with our friendship wherever we left off. That, I believe, is the true test of a lifetime friendship. So, sorry to tell ya' Big're stuck with me forever girlie! I had too much fun seeing you and your crew today and Zeke is already telling me he'll "try harder to be good" the next time (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!). So, thanks for the fun, for the company, and for the fab egg dyeing. Even tho Sophie's eggs kinda' blew ours outta' the water, I think the boys' all looked pretty darned good. I think we should make this a new tradition - eggs at Ei's every year!!!

So, as we end this day, we have gorgeous gem colored hard boiled eggs ready to fill Zeke's Easter basket that'll be waiting for the Easter Bunny tommorrow night! We're getting pretty excited! Here's hoping everyone gets a visit from the Big Bunny!!! Good Luck!

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