Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gotta run, gotta work.

This weekend has been nice. The three of us spent time in the yard on Saturday since it was such gorgeous weather and we planted some pretty flowers. Pauly decided to work on "the hole" ('s a project he's been OBSESSED with for the past 18 months, no lie. It was a sinkhole that started smallish, then grew to be about 3 feet deep and about 5 feet wide. Apparently years ago when our house was built, the ground wasn't packed firmly enough. But I digress...) So, as Pauly continued to fill "the hole", Zeke and I enjoyed the sun, played with the pups, and put in some nice new Marigolds.

On Sunday we took a trip to Longwood Gardens to take part in the kite flying festival. Zeke made a kite in the Longwood tent, then flew it on their beautiful grounds. It was fun to see him running through the field with about 5,000 other kids trying to get their kites up into the air too.

So now I return home and realize that, yep, a mountain of laundry still awaits me. It haunts me. It's always there no matter how far I run. So, I loaded up both the washer and dryer this evening and I'm making a go at it. I sorta' HAVE to since we're leaving for our first of 3 summer trips at the end of this week. I need clean clothes to pack! I have a feeling this week is going to be all work, no play...but come this weekend...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! We're off to see Mickey! Maybe I'll blog live and in person while I'm in Mickey's hood, but I kind of doubt it. I foresee tons of running around, sunscreen re-application, and a major way. But hey, your kid only turns 4 once, right???

Here's to a productive week...

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