Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Icks nay on the ookies-cay.

It's Christmas Eve 2008 and things are getting jiggy around here. But first, I MUST tell you about the Santa sighting Zeke and I experienced last night. It was as mcnutty as a can of Planters. Seriously, I think Zeke almost fainted in the seafood aisle of Wegmans. That's how intensely hard his heart was pumping when we caught a glimpse of, well, Santa. There he was, standing in front of the seafood counter, long white beard, head full of glimmering white hair, and a jelly belly to top it all off. But, why was Santa in jeans and a gray shirt ordering 2 pounds of jumbo shrimp? And why was he next to some middle-aged brunette who seemed agitated that he was getting the jumbo shrimpies instead of the larges? It was baffling, but HAD to be Santa. Zeke and I stalked this Santa guy by pretending we were checking out some ham slices. He looked genuine, that's for sure. I told Zeke to go over and say hello. He told me he was afraid and that he wanted me to do his dirty work. Well, being the awesome mom that I am, I trotted over there, tapped the wifey-poo on the arm and simply said "my son here thinks that your husband is Santa Claus." She smiled and said "oh does he?" With that she tapped "Santa" on the shoulder and said, "this little guy wants to say a few things to you." Santa turned around, took one look down into Zeke's saucer-sized eyes, and said "Ohhhhhh, ho-ho-ho, I remember you sitting on my lap!" Zeke was mesmerized. Santa then told him to pull on his beard to guarantee the authenticity of his "Santacity", and asked Zeke what exactly was on his wish list. After Zeke spat it out in record time, Santa told him to be good, get home safely, and to simply get to bed early on Christmas Eve. With that, Santa walked away into the crowd at Wegmans as we stood and watched. It was simply...magical. Honestly, folks, I sorta' think it was Santa there at the seafood counter at Wegmans. And I'm not taking any chances. I'm signing off right now so I can whip up a few shrimp cocktails to leave out on our hearth for Santa's snack tonight. I've got some insider information now...Santa digs jumbo shrimp.

Hope your Christmas is magical too.

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