Monday, December 22, 2008

And that's just your TOP TEN???

Zeke's Top 10 Gifts He'd Like for Christmas this Year:

1. GPS System (so he "can know direction")

2. a digital camera

3. a scooter

4. Nintendo DS

5. Wii

6. a Thomas the Tank Engine dvd

7. a real drumset with 2 simples (cymbals)

8. a pogo stick

9. a skateboard

10. an iPod (he's tired of borrowing mine and wants his own)

Ok, so let's review this list, strictly on a monetary scale, if you will:

1. GPS = ~$300

2. digital camera = ~$200

3. scooter = ~ $50

4. Nintendo DS = ~ $350 when you get a case and 2 games with it.

5. Wii. Wow, here's the black hole of money, people. I never thought this Wii world was so...bizarrely EXPENSIVE. And it's the typical domino effect b.s. You buy one game and it requires a new controller and a cool chair to sit in while you play it, then new shoes to make you jump higher to score more points, then ankle wraps to support your ailing joints when you've played too much and you get early arthritis. It's just bananas. And I've entered the abyss. So has Pauly's wallet. Potential expense here: about $450 so far, but honestly, to infinity and beyond.

6. Thomas dvd. = ~ $12. NICE. I can handle this. This is a nice request. Santa likes this one. Why can't they alllll be number sixes?

7. Drumset = ~ ???????. I simply can't see myself allowing a drumset in my house. Not if I want any sanity at all. The 2 guitars already have me seeing double and hearing ringing noises in the dead of night. I'm drawing the line. I don't care if the drumset is being given away with a free pony. Well.....MAYBE then.....but only then.

8. Pogo stick = ~25. Easy. Done. But I guess when you factor in the emergency room fees, orthopedic visits, casts, orth checkups, cast removal, and possible rehab of the broken limb, the $25 pogo stick could start to enter the Wii monetary abyss.

9. Skateboard = ~ $25 but ditto #8.

10. iPod = ~ $250. And $250 is getting him the small one. He wants the iPod Touch so he can just touch the screen and navigate around without hitting buttons! I'm not giving in to this one.

Let's add it up: if you eliminate the iPod and the drumset, you get to a whopping total of about $1412.00. That's lunacy. But that's what my 3 year old has requested for just his TOP TEN items. It's scary how technology keeps on going and these toddlers jump right on the wagon. Problem is, that wagon is a Caddy and I was kinda' used to riding in the Chevy...

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