Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good boy gone bad.

So who out there has a 3 year old boy? Because I just want to know if it's just my kid that is way out of line lately or if it's some type of biological warfare that China is silently waging upon innocent moms everywhere. Apparently the toddlers go to preschool for a few hours, some type of airborne noxious gas is piped into the classrooms, and these toddlers come home with attitudes the size of a large continent. And here's my primary fear at this juncture: what happens after December 25th and my "Santa Warning" has expired? Because that's the only card I can lay on the table that even puts a dent in the behavior at this stage of the disease. Is it just my boy or are there others out there that aren't so nice anymore? A cute face and the occasional sweet hug just don't seem to cut it around these parts either. I need some manners, some listening ears, and some respect back. Is that too much to ask???

But, oh, how cute you look when you finally fall asleep.

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