Friday, October 23, 2009

October List

Some things Zeke and I like at the moment:

1. fresh apples dipped in crunchy peanut butter
2. seeing Petey the neighbor horse at the corner everyday. He loves the fall weather - NO FLIES to bother him!
3. this new pink colored Dove soap that smells soooo yummy
4. staying up late when the Phillies are on...even though we're bandwagon fans.
5. our parakeet's obsession with our chihuahuas
6. my lemon tree. even though he's been moved indoors, he's thriving.
7. all of the awesome candy choices in the Halloweenie aisles!

Some things that really stink:

1. the H1N1 flu mania
2. the fact that it seems to rain every single weekend
3. the fact that the wind blows down our super-awesome spooky Halloween decorations outside
4. dry skin
5. everyone seems to be getting sick

And finally, one thing that strikes me as really odd:

1. Zeke continues to stand on his head. A lot. And everywhere. At home, at school, at the park, in the playground, even at the doctor's office. It's just strange. What's even stranger is the fact that I'm the one who ends up with the headache.

1 comment:

Val said... if I wasn't neurotic enough.
I actually have hand sanitizer everywhere.
My nephew had it last week....he's fine now. But I am debating seeing them at Christmas time, just in case there are any lasting germs.

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