Sunday, October 11, 2009

I think you've got something in your teeth. Oh, nevermind, it's just a swing.

Things must have been getting too quiet around here. Craziness came a knockin' on Thursday as I drove to pick up Zeke at school. My celly rang and it was his teacher informing me that there was an accident on the playground and Zeke's mouth intercepted a swing. He was crying and only wanted to talk to me about it. I was only 5 minutes away at that point, but factoring in the "mommy lead foot" effect, I made it to school before the song playing on my iPod was over. I ran in and grabbed my little guy while simultaneously doing a once over...ok, ok, all fingers, toes, limbs, eyes and head in place...but then I noticed all of the blood on his sweatshirt. In my world it was bad. I told the teachers I could handle it from there and whisked him away in my car. Now, as my good old friend Weezie will tell you, I am NOT GOOD in emergencies. I freeze up. I choke. I panic. As I drove with my injured kiddo in the back, I wondered silently...where am I going??? Hospital? To my mom's? To Pauly's office? To the park so I can pretend that none of this happened??? As it turned out, I drove home, pulled Zeke out of the car and surveyed the damages a bit more closely. No cuts on the face, no bruising. I lifted his top lip and OH MY GOD...THE GAPING BLOODY HOLE was staring at me. His inner, upper lip was completely torn up and his top front tooth was bloody. My heart stopped and my mind went blank. I handed Zeke his school bag and told him to go inside for a minute. He was still crying a little bit and simply asked me "but what about my bent tooth?" Ummmm, yeah, what about it, I wondered. I stared into my cell phone for a minute and realized I had to GET MY SHIZZLE TOGETHER. Like now. Then it happened. I snapped into full-scale trauma mode and went into overdrive. I ran in and started treating the cut lip and "bent tooth" with one hand and dialed the doctor and dentist with the other. The doctor told me the cut would heal on it's own - no matter how grotesque looking it was. We had to ride it out. The tooth was a different animal tho. The dentist told me to get to the office - STAT. Two x-rays later and it was revealed that Zeke's front tooth had been hit so hard that the roots were fractured up above the gum line. There is no treatment for this type of trauma other than tooth extraction. I left there with a copy of the x-rays, a script for an antibiotic, and a referral for the oral surgeon. The next day, 8 am sharp, we were in the oral surgeon's office awaiting the extraction. By 10:30, my little baby boy was out of surgery and minus a front tooth while I was PLUS a migraine the size of the Ukraine. It was time to go home, pull the blinds, and snuggle up for the day as we both recovered.

This saga has been nuts. It has given me a serious look at how a sick kid can devastate your soul and make you rethink all that is important in your world. Zeke's mouth is healing and his swollen lip is receding. Soon all he'll be left with is a gap in the front of his mouth that I'll somehow find super-cute. I'm just thankful that a toothless smile is the biggest problem this has led us to...for that, I'm eternally thankful. Well, that, and the fact that school pictures were taken on Monday - 3 days before that smile got ransacked...

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Val said...

Congrats! You held it together wonderfully!

When Chachi had to get a stitch in her mouth, the nurses had ME hold my head between my legs. Apparently that shade of white was not acceptable.

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