Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrate that, MJ.

Warning to all of you Michael Jackson lovers: this isn't MJ friendly territory. Stop reading if you will be offended.

Ok, here we go. Today I went to clean up the doggies' newspapers. You see, my pups are all paper trained to go to the potty on newspapers if they're not outside. It's nice and easy, especially since they're all tiny little guys. Well, today when I went in to clean up the used papers, I felt a wave of justice run through me. On one of the used newspapers on the floor, there was a picture of MJ standing on top of a car with his arms up above his head in jubilation. He was celebrating the fact that he was "cleared" of child molestation charges a few years back. Now, we all know in the backs of our minds that MJ was more than a bit "strange" when it came to little kids. In my opinion, it's unforgivable. My sweet revenge this morning??? Apparently one of my chi-chi's agrees with me because when he had to do poopie, he aimed it directly onto MJ's head. Thanks puppy dog!

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