Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby bird.

There are times that having a child tests my patience to the extreme. And I do mean the extreme. Like, I imagine picking him up, throwing him over my deck and across my back lawn...but then I gather my wits a moment or two later, remembering that, after all, that's why law enforcement was invented. Conversely, there are times like today that I realize there is no bond and no love stronger than that of a child and his parent. You see, I've been putting off going to get some blood drawn for WEEEEKS's way, way overdue. Maybe even 2 months. I've just ignored it and put tons of other things before it so that I didn't have to deal. I detest dealing with medical issues. But today was the day that I knew I had to go, get the blood work done, and simply move on. So, after Zeke and I met Mom Mom Mare for lunch and did some Target damage, I told him the plan for me to get my blood work completed. I thought he was fine with it, but about 2 minutes later I heard him burst into tears. I asked him why he was crying and he told me he didn't want me to get hurt. It was then that I realized how much this little 45 pounder loved me. I'm his world, his lifeline. Now, I know at some point he'll fly from the nest. I'm just happy that for now, this little nest is so important to him.

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