Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summering it up.

True to form, I've got a lot to cram into this post as I haven't written in a while. It seems that the nice weather pulls me away from the computer screen and out into the vast world of funness. It's all good though, I'd rather be worn out to the bone from enjoying the warm weather than have carpel tunnel from updating my bloggity-blog-blog with boring crap about the kid who picked his nose and wiped it on the shopping cart in front of me in line at Wegman's yesterday. Dontcha think?

Now to cram...stay focused and buckle up...this is gonna be mind-blowing:

So, since the end of May-ish, we've:

-ended preschool for Zeke. He's officially bound for Kindergarten and I'm officially devastated about it.
-Zeke and I have noticed the return of Petey and Rusty our neighbor horses to the pastures down on our corner. SOOOOOOOO happy to be bringing them apples and carrots again!
-the Slip & Slide from Aunt Susan is open for business on our hill in the backyard.
-Zeke finished up t-ball and received his first ever trophy. He brings it everywhere with him.
-we've been to about a zillion birthday parties and Zeke bounced so hard at one he bloodied his nose. Now that's what I call a party....
-we've been babysitting Kitty Cat Nellie for about a month and have completely fallen in love with her. I don't want to give her back even though she does bite me really hard. It's her way of showing love, I think.
-Zeke started and ended Tae Kwon Do simply because I don't want to be running him over to classes 3 and 4 times a week in the summer. I'm not about to commit to that madness.
-swim lessons for 2 weeks almost did me in...but Zeke can now swim in the deep end with confidence so it was all worth it.
-we celebrated Father's Day by taking Pauly out to brunch. We had a nice time and I hope he realized how much he means to us...
-we had a quick visit from Pop Pop Ebs and had the opportunity to see family that we don't often get to visit.
-we daytripped to the mountains again to visit Cookie and Pop Pop. We swam in the lake (well, they did...I don't do natural bodies of water), followed up by a trip to their pool. It was a fun, tiring day.
-we've found some new hiking trails that seem pretty good and have been hiking and biking our old favorites.

And to top it all off, we just booked our summer vacation/my birthday celebration in the Caribbean!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Can't wait to go!

This weekend is July 4th weekend so it's time to go scout for fireworks. We're gonna' be "that family" that lights off our own fireworks in our yard. Should be very trashy and awesome. Pix to follow.

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